Oldsmobile Bravada
85th Indy 500
May 27, 2001

Oldsmobile is set to make history twice over at the 85th running of the Indy 500 when the totally-redesigned 2002 Bravada takes to the track.  Not only will it be the first time an SUV has been used as a pace vehicle, but it is also the first time a woman will be at the wheel.  The Bravada will be driven by Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp, fashion model and wife of singer John Mellencamp.  This will be the eleventh time that an Oldsmobile has paced the Indy 500 and the third time in the past four years.

The Bravada is powered by a 270-hp Vortec 4200 inline six-cylinder engine.  This is the first Oldsmobile pace vehicle to be powered by a six-cylinder engine.

For this year's race, Oldsmobile has furnished the speedway two garnet red metallic  Bravadas for pace car duty, as well as one black and 64 white Bravadas for support and parade duties.  An additional 54 trucks have been provided for use by VIPs, Indy 500 staff, and press, for a total of 121 vehicles, making this one of the largest pace car programs in history.  Once again Chevy is providing support trucks for the Indy 500.

For more photos of the 2002 Bravada pace and festival SUVs and other support vehicles, please continue to the 2002 Bravada photo page.

You can read more about the selection of Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp at Indy500.com or read the Oldsmobile press release on the 2002 Bravada pace vehicle.


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