Source: Dodge press releaseDodge Viper GTS
80th Indy 500
May 26, 1996

The Dodge Viper returned to Indianapolis to pace the Indy 500 just five years after the first Viper chosen to lead the pack in 1991.  1996 featured a new GTS coupe model, adding some noticable features that the RT/10 roadster lacked (such as a solid roof and glass side windows).

As with its predecessor, the 1996 Viper needed only to add mandatory safety features to handle pace car duties.  The car was powered by a 450-HP, 8.0L V-10 engine, and was driven by Chrysler president Robert Lutz.

Only four Vipers were provided for speedway use.  Dodge also provided the offical truck for the Indy 500, the Dodge Ram, given the same blue-and-white paint treatment and Indy 500 decals as the Viper.  This truck was made available as a limited edition replica and was an instant hit.  The blue-and-white paint scheme was also a standard color for production GTS coupes.

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1996 Dodge Ram pace truck and Viper pace car

1996 Dodge Ram pace truck
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Chrysler president Robert Lutz
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